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East Star Design is based in Forney, TX in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and values providing excellent service with integrity while encouraging others.

Greg Guerin
Architect, NCARB

Greg Guerin

     Greg started his architectural career path at Pasadena City College in California in 1995. Prior to starting the architecture program he was in the fine art program. He worked on oil and acrylic paintings, pencil and pastel drawings, and marker graphics. He then merged into the architecture program. In 1998 after two years in the architecture program and working for his instructors on residential modeling projects he transferred to Cal Poly Pomona. While at Cal Poly he worked for the city of Ontario Redevelopment Agency and Turner and Associates Architects in Upland, CA. After learning GIS at the city and interior and exterior detailing at the architect's office Greg worked for Bonaldo Engineering in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. At Bonaldo Greg designed commercial office buildings. Soon after Greg started Jettison Design Group and completed over 100 residential projects and a music recording studio along with his team who were fellow alumni.

     In 2006 Greg and his family moved to Dallas, Texas. Late in 2006 Greg started at an architect's office in North Dallas and designed three skilled nursing medical resort projects in Texas and one in Colorado. Other projects included a sandwich shop, pizza restaurant, coffee shop, video game store, clothing store, and dentist office at a military base in the desert in California. Greg also worked on over 70 quick service restaurants, and several hotels including the design of facades. In 2013 Greg did 10 metal building truck maintenance office / warehouses for the oil and gas industry at Mages Group. In 2014 Greg worked on a cutting edge Hotel on the Sunset strip in West Hollywood, CA and four large senior living facilities at an architect's office near Uptown Dallas.


     Greg is a licensed architect in AL, CA, CO, CT, FL, NC, ND, NM, OK, PA, and TX. He also holds the (NCARB) National Council of Architectural Registration Boards certificate.


Architecture Thesis Project Animation

Cal Poly Pomona 2001

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